@Business is an educational business game currently in beta-testing, initially intended for limited audience. You are welcome to participate in this game, being live since February 6, 2017, by registering for free at the end of this page. By registering you agree to our TERMS OF USE (see next paragraph).

Registrations will be open for a limited time period. Free access to the complete functionality will be granted to all beta users by means of user premium upon registration.

Terms of use

This service is temporarily provided for free. As such, it is not guaranteed that the service will be undisrupted or continuous. Therefore we are not liable for any interruptions or loss of service or game related data. In addition, it is currently best viewed in computer browsers, though it is also fully operable on tablets and mobile phones. We are continuously improving all aspects of the game to improve both the service and user experience.

In order for the game to operate correctly, JavaScript must be enabled for this site. Otherwise, this site will be inoperable.

Personal information collected during signup (login name, password, e-mail and locale), will not be passed to any third parties. Passwords are encrypted to protect user accounts. The user is responsible for using a safe password as well as for not disclosing it to third parties. User e-mail accounts will be used, only for sending important notifications, regarding service continuity issues or for changing forgotten passwords.

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